VEAO were already taking money before anything was actually released other than the closed Alpha testing.
Yet it did not even have a cockpit that functioned....2016 the gun pods, hud, sounds were still bugged. It was a con job on an epic scale.

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That is how they sold the product......on lies. The money was beginning to roll in, the delays had began, the back and forth as what was actually causing the delays....
Like I said earlier, soon these lies began to catch up with VEAO.....they needed that diversion one way or another. No doubt were resources being diverted and production began on the WW2

The 'Tiffy' was still on track for end of 2014 release. Where is that tiffy now? if ED can pump out modules and terrains faster than a single mother can pump out kids, surely VEAO's HAWK was still on track.
I mean, it's not like they blamed deadlines\releases and updates on their own inner workings now was it. The blame has shifted a few times already and the public release hadn't even taken place yet.