What is funny about VEAO and ED to me is that they will ban you for a short time for criticism or for life if your criticism is , in their eyes, harsh enough, yet they both allow almost criminal practices. IMHO it is criminal, but I am not accusing anyone of anything. Ed allows 3rd parties to advertise and pre-sell (7/02/2015) modules that are never released (VEAO P40) for years. Then VEAO offers a limited time refund, which they do not send an E-mail to their pre purchase customers to advise them of this opportunity even though they require the customers E-mail upon pre purchase and could do so and give each customer a chance to get the refund. They offer this refund in writing on their FB page and in the ED Forums only. I am guessing, maybe someone can share the facts here, but I am guessing this offer lasted less that a month. I was told it was one week, but I can't confirm that. I don't use FB and I go to the ED Forums maybe once a month, so I missed this refund possibility. Once I found out about the refund I PMed and asked on the Forum but was denied and told that the VEAO Lawyers had advised VEAO to make this a limited time offer. So here I am still owning a pre sale module from 7/02/2015 that I most likely will never see as VEAO works on projects on other sims as their priority and works on the P40 slowly as a second priority. Pitiful in my eyes and criminal IMHO. Couple this with the 2.5 memory requirement shell game from ED and you have a true picture of how things are run in EDs world. This is not to mention all of the BETA Modules that never are finished while they make new shiny trains for DCS. Maybe Ed should revamp the the acronym to DCS, Digital Circus Simulator.


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