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I believe the greatest mistake many of us did - me included, was to become too attached to this flight sim.

Perhaps because we invested so much effort and time on it, we started to feel too attached and emotional.

Clearly that was a mistake - and we were taught a harsh lesson for it.

The good news is that, thanks to that lesson, we (or at least me) discovered that there is a whole world of flight sims out there, waiting to be discovered and in consequence, we put this flight sim (DCS etc. ) in its proper place.

It is just another flight sim.

Excellent post with good perspective!

Unless you are one of its shareholders, no corporation owes you anything more than what you've contracted with them -- that's the law. While they may decide to "go above and beyond" your contract expectations, they predominantly do that to ensure continued sales. To say "I'm going to work voluntarily for them so that they do what I want" is a delusion. If they fail to meet our expectations we can decide to move on and take it as a lesson learned.

Complaining to the "choir" may feed our ego, but results in little else..