Good to see more satisfied customers of VEAO coming out in support of their favorite 3rd party developer.....or not

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Being the Unofficial Tester that I self proclaim.....Let me answer some of those questions.

VEAO's problems began the moment Director Chris Ells head swelled on 'a night out on the piss' (Aussie slang for having a few drinks too many) over dinner with his right hand man Pete AKA P-Man and decided to propose to ED a release of an aircraft that did the rounds on online Airshows. (Feel free to jump on anytime to correct me Chris as you have done in the past in this very thread) The downhill spiral happened when ED's very own moderators came out in support of the 1st 3rd party developer to be signed to the fray, followed closely by Belsimtek, CTD, Old mate WW2 and Kinney Interactive (Perhaps not in the order but those long term members may correct me at any stage) Back in the day, the dollar signs flashed before ED's very eyes that taking a small percentage of sales for other peoples work on the 'free' dcs platform would help fund holidays to Russia. Speculation here only but the slush fund needs funds in order for a company slush fund does it not?. As the Hawk already had an external flight model and cockpit (as far back as 2010, all it needed was the files to be released to ED, and a paypal account set up to get the aircraft out the door to consumers......sounds easy enough in theory but the reality of it was infighting with Tango the lead code-master on the project....Basically Tango made the scapegoat in the mess that began long before Tango involvement.....It began like I said over a night out on the piss, at Nando's.

The difference between VEAO's module\s and other 3rd parties is professionalism. Other 3rd parties now that have come on board with ED. These days, ED\TFC have far stricter conditions 3rd part developers are required meet before ED even looks at them as a developer. Back when VEAO signed up, ED took anyone based on face value. Now the developer (speculation only) is required to have a complete understanding on lua, c++ and other programming languages, all of which Chris had no idea about as stated by him in these forums. Other 3rd parties keep their mouth shut, don't make friends with consumer's from the get go let alone make Nando's jokes about how good their module is going to be than fail to deliver in every aspect. I won't go into detail of other 3rd party developers, many have had struggles of their own but not to the extent VEAO have with what was publicly announced as a 12 month project.

It is quite obvious how the hawk is coded differently to the Mig-21, M2000c. Razbam have been involved in flight sim development for many years. The Mig-21 guys have a full understanding of coding in several different languages by several members of the team (yes before the LNS\Heat Blur split, yet the coding was not just placed on 1 person as it was with Tango when he was at VEAO.

I will speculate again here, My educated guess is that ED have no doubt placed all of VEAO's e-mails in the spam folder so VEAO do not get the updates that other 3rd party devs get. To me it looks like ED has been trying to rid themselves of the VEAO cancer for quite some time now. No doubt ED have regrets signing them on as 3rd Party Devs and have pushed them out the door by not passing on information.....Not that the updated information would be any use to VEAO as they have no one with any professionalism let alone coding knowledge to decipher it.