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lol 'hard pulls'... biggrin

It really is a gem :), especially a 9g pull

middle of 2014, no Hawk which is already 18 months late, what do we get?
yep, more aircraft releases added to the line up.

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I was not alone.....more 'investors' where quite switched on. Not pulling 9gs switched on but they were switched on, hence seeking answers as to how a tiny group of FS airshow enthusiasts were capable of the expansive aircraft range before any release seen thus far.

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At this point, consumer's were beginning to see now this entire 'business' was actually a ponzi scheme of the highest order? Why didn't ED shut them down back them? Why sign off on further projects with out seeing the previously endorsed Hawk and Typhoon??
That I can not fathom. Perhaps later in this review there will be an answer but in June of 2014.....that answer was far from existence.....much like the release of the Hawk,

As for VEAO chasing 'military contracts' name any airforce in the world that to this day still uses ww2 aircraft to defend it's nation.....Other than North Korea, NK are probably still running windows 3.1