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How many more scathing reviews of this module will be needed in order to get the Hawk up to a standard that is somewhat acceptable?
Far too many excuses have been tossed out, instead of progress. "ED did this, ED did that..." How about we got in way over our heads and cant figure out where to go.

That would be the honest answer - but doubt we'll see that.

I have no doubt that working with ED as a 3rd party developer across multiple streams (versions) is probably a nightmare with integration & regression testing being highly manual. Some of the ways in which the 3rd parties have implemented code probably isn't helping and in some cases highly susceptible to breaking with core code changes (and try and do that now across multiple streams). BUT - I still feel that in this case they really have dropped the ball in terms of providing a quality product and I will never buy another of their products unless there are many positive reviews.

All I can say is it's a real shame - I always want to support those that love our hobby...

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