Righto gents, it has been a hectic 3 days with WIP's etc and finding time in between to test and report on the hawk EFM (always time to post on the hawk, nando's, WIP's and WTF??!!). Let me add fuel to the fire regarding the damage model which is entirely realistic. VEAO commented on my EFM Damage model video. Mind you, instead of typing up a fix to the CTD as stated in an earlier post of mine. Instead the dev's are kicking back watching youtube video's rather than working on bug fixes.

With out further Ado, here is the quote

Originally Posted By: 'I plant trees@VEAO Simulations'
1 day ago
As you can clearly see from your video the collision model of the truck is not very much and therefore will not do much damage to the fuselage. Try driving the Hawk wing into it and see what happens. Also the "explosions" from the other aircraft in our opinion are way too high for the amount of damage they receive.Most real aircraft will not explode in this manner when they are clipped and Hawk has been made to this standard.I would also suggest you spawn a Hawk in with a couple of BTR's around it and let them open up on you. You will then see the damage model in it's full glory.I accept that the aircraft should fall to the ground when the gear is damaged and this is being fixed.Driving into objects on the ground is not a good "test" of an aircraft damage model.But feel free to troll all you like as I'm sure you have nothing better to do!!

Proof it was never tested both on the ground or in the air, yet 'the tree hugger' swears by how ultra realistic this module actually is. I have invited the 'tree squirrel' to read this thread and explain the situation, as you can see that has not yet happened. The 'hawk' needs to be scrapped, it is still listed for sale but this is further evidence proving it needs to be pulled from the shelves and undergo a major product recall. One can only imagine what would happen if this 'business' began making and selling passenger vehicle airbags.

Stay tuned gents, who can predict what happens next? My guess is, a post saying "it's very much a WIP"

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