roll on Feb of answer the question of "was the beta released"......

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2015 looked to be year VEAO would have great success. Watch as the spin doctors were working hard behind the scenes to bring unfinished products to the DCS series.

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Look at the time frame Pete states for the P-40F, this was posted in Feb 2015. Typhoon on track for a christmas 2015 release. Vampire is set for Q2 Q3 2015.
the blue skies were finally coming together. No mention of the side project with dovetail's FSW

Why didn't ED pull the plug on the contracts after this post by Chris and Pete? did NineLine have a hand to play considering his focus was seeing more WW2 warbirds in the mix and VEAO were the only developer working on them other than ED\Belsimtek?

Hawk was still in an unusable state with out additional 3rd party patches and here Chris and Pete are conning consumer's into "throwing more money at the screen"