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Excellent post with good perspective!

Unless you are one of its shareholders, no corporation owes you anything more than what you've contracted with them -- that's the law. While they may decide to "go above and beyond" your contract expectations, they predominantly do that to ensure continued sales. To say "I'm going to work voluntarily for them so that they do what I want" is a delusion. If they fail to meet our expectations we can decide to move on and take it as a lesson learned.

Complaining to the "choir" may feed our ego, but results in little else..

How about those who argue about buying a product that seems to be perpetually in beta? Those that have had bugs for ages that have not been fixed? Doesn't the "company" owe them a product that is at least supported with bug-fixes?

While you can be technically correct about your point, you will find that it is those companies that "go above and beyond" that attracts repeat customers and gets MORE customers by word-of-mouth. Is "continued sales" a bad thing? Is the market big enough for them to NOT go above and beyond? While a few of those that complain are modders, most are not.

Personally, I have moved on and I have learned a lesson. Still, that doesn't mean I don't get sad/angry/upset seeing how it has "evolved" now. I can only hope they get their act together and my face is sore from all the facepalms I've been doing biggrin

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That's not an excuse for lack of personal discipline.

In what way was that "a lack of personal discipline"??

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How dare someone enjoy the game!

I know, right?!!? Gasp! Horror! tuner

- Ice