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The problem described here is mostly due to the visual damage model not coinciding with the the flight model. I am not trying to defend ED/VEAO but I do see how the details of damage would be difficult to model with regards to the flight model. There is not an easy way to model how the aircraft will fly with x amount of damage to the aircraft.

Well, it seems like it's not been modelled at all if you watch Winfield's video! smile

Ice, it looks like cichlidfan carefully worded it as to avoid 1.13 which is clearly active even after removal from the 'official' forums. (NOTE TO OTHER'S: look in the 2.5 thread release.....it's still active)

Gents, I found this upload posted 2 days after I began this thread 2 years ago (VEAFAIL was in damage control at the time).

I am posting it here for reference as some opinions within this thread differ greatly on this module.....check out the cockpit in the video which I will refer to in a couple of days time as I carry on with this review.
Amazing to think that the comments around the same time as this video was made, the fanboi's over at ED were thanking VEAFAIL for such an authentic looking cockpit.