Could you do an overview about how Tango went through working for pretty much every 3rd party developer, with eventually becoming a persona non grata within DCS and getting banned (of course)?

Never got that story fully, and i'm learning a lot of new stuff in this interesting overview popcorn

It's quite ironic really that I have tended to only believe/trust in people that have their posting rights revoked on the ED boards......these are people that have told the truth and/or aren't afraid of ED's censorship.

How sad is it that I first have to check if Rollin' Matt and Packager Norm are active on a site, to ensure I get the truth instead of some sanitized "take my money" "DCS iS tHe MoSt ReAlIsTiC SiMuLaToR eVuUuUrRrRrRr" bull?

Thank god for sites like SimHQ, Twomoreweeks, DCS community facebook, Il-2, and all other sites where Norm got banned because he can't communicate with people in a normal, decent, and respectful way. At least there still are plenty of outlets where you can get the truth, and nothing but the truth smile

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