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Hahaha, got the message Ice. I'll remain mum...

Yep, I wanted to see what might have changed with the Hawk. But it wouldn't install, nor would either PMan or Ells offer a proper solution. So I'm done with it and VEAO. If the RAF are using their work, God help them.

Sadly, they along with a few other of the 3rd party devs have not lived up to any hype and produced a respectable module. They throw around the word "patience" when people inquire as to the status of their long overdue releases. Like its our fault they wont put in the time.

6+ years of development and not even the developers have a clue on what is going on with the install......wait for it......."last time I checked it was working".......and then the whole. "it was working in the dev branch" and last year it was "development is on hold because ED's 2.0 branch changes we are not able to compete with in terms of development so we have shut up shop, moved onto a more stable branch which is Dovetails Flight Sim World"

Meanwhile in the news feature of FSW it was publicly stated from Dovetail themselves that "we are working on the release of our 1st jet trainer aircraft" put 2 and 2 together and you have VEAFAIL DCS version and VEAFAIL Dovetail version. Out of respect, the consumers who invested in this POS should get a free upgrade to BluSky's Dovetail release of this bugged POS since the refund policy states that refunds will only be considered by the developer if it was purchased on the now defunct VEAFAIL store page.

Dovetail.....stick to trains, cut ties with these bunch of stem bashers