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Those Previous Posts were argumentative towards Developers and their SME's who are actual HAWK T1A Pilots, Not Google Keyboard Warriors.

Read comments to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jUyo2Vu8y4 then call people Google Keyboar Warriors or something.

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That Material was of Completely different Aircraft (T-45, T2, etc, all have different stall / spin behavior than 1a)
The Thread was deleted.

That's not true. Not that different from t1 as the VEAO Hawk is.

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(Though the Flat Spin Discussion was allowed, the discussions of the Stall / Spin Behavior that spawned from it were repetitive and inaccurate, Like the developers, I'll take the word of actual pilots over YT Docu-Videos of Other Similar Aircraft, of those, most of them were modified to force stall/spin situations to gather data for NASA/USN etc).

They were accurate enough to show the problem. Constant -0.2G and 70AoA and 1 turn / 1 second (both in x and y surfaces) in simulation is quite reasonable data to make the statement. By the way have you ever heard a word from actual T1 pilots personally?

Anyway, you are right and I acknowledge the ban you have issued.
I'm sorry for been rude with VEAO and all, best of luck in making DCS-level modules. I hope you all are happy.
I quit it, and I delete all my statements related to VEAO in here. I've just made my own judgment.

If you really want to discuss it and see the data I have you are welcome to PM me here. I've changed my mind and I'm not going to post anything publicly related to this anymore.

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