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First off lets talk Hawk, the taxi/wind/aoa bug has been haunting us for a little while and we had difficulty in both replication and identification of the bug. It would take longer than I have now to go into details of exactly what was causing the issue but the head line is that because of the methodology that we use for the FM on the Hawk there are several non scripted dependencies and one of these was returning a NaN, we have had these kind of problems before and have built in protection from such behavior, however a side effect was that because the redundancy was taking over there was a small error and it took us a while to track it down.

Long story short - we found it and we have fixed it, the fix will go out with the next patch from ED.

This issue has been long standing, since 2016 and 2 years on it's fixed?? When is this going to be patched?

This was from 10/10/17

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Ok, So Hawk.

Yes there are issues, We have been stripping away alot of the legacy code (bear in mind some of it was written over 5 years ago!) This has taken some considerable time.

We have a list of things that we want to work over and continue expanding development on, Most of these items are known in the community anyway but include things like FM tuning, Damage model re-work (primarily effects and failures), electic system issues etc. We know and have been logging lists of things that need reworking.

So tuning on the FM, Damage model etc has been placed on the back burner for several years since I 1st raised the issue at the very start of this thread. 2 years on....FM and damage model is still in a sad state of affairs with no fix in sight.

Yet the focus on Cockpit textures which is a complete waste of time and energy.....

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We have also been working on some of the external PBR textures and the internal cockpit PBR update, the external work has been completed and will, like the taxi fix, go out in the next patch. Chris and the guys are working hard on the PBR cockpit update and while it may go out in the next update it also may miss, depending on when the next patch hits I can't make promises on that one yet. There are other fixes included in the update as well and they will be detailed in brief in the patch notes.

Who cares about the cockpit textures, this should not even be an issue and has been on going since 2013 alpha. Don't take my word for it, other consumers all so feel the same way.

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