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Also from that time period is this jewel smile (sorry for the small lettering, I literally had to zoom out to 67% to make it all fit on a 1080p screen)

[Linked Image]

I have been looking for that image. Thank you for adding it here.

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Anyone care to Guess which Sub forum on Eagle Dynamics just got closed ?

....in an attempt to stop Winfield embarrassing and showing off even more VEAO and ED incompetence hahaha

And the irony is 'Nine-Lies' reason for closing them....

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Hey guys, just a heads up, I had the subforums for VEAO closed, they are still viewable if need be, but was getting hard tracking all the little discussions popping up.

Isn't the whole point of a forum to discuss things? Yet another example of why the ED site is nothing other than a censored message board and not a forum.

It really is laughable that 'member's' are not entitled to have their say in a forum where the parent company ED on-sold products in which the the community manager himself fully endorsed. Only now to lock the VEAO forums on the hoard of consumer's

Indeed a forum is where people come together to comment, share opinions, give weight on why they do not share the same opinions etc etc.
The only real sim forum I have found where I can give weight on why I do not share the same opinions is here at SimHQ,