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. Don’t forget: You lost a bottle of scotch, they lost their livelyhoods.

No they did not. VEAO did not have any full time employees. They were, at best, hobbyists. Chris might have lost his ass due to his investments in the company but the rest lost nothing more than a bit of extra income.

Exactly, At the start of Development VEAO did not have any full time employees for the 1st 2-3 years. Chris then mentioned that VEAO had "one full time employee" (himself) He stated that in this very thread as well.
You can carp on and stand in the picket line protesting against the treatment of these protected species, crying out in forums how their union leader was unfairly treated outside the ED office.....it won't do you or VEAO's supporter's any good.
This thread and information put forth in my view, will prevent another 3rd party like VEAO from signing an agreement with ED in the future. Sloppyflop & Aviojet who have only released one module are the quiet achievers, this clown came out
and said the project was virtually done. Then announced VEAO were moving on to the Typhoon and the 30 odd other aircraft in their pipe dreams 12 months after announcing the Hawk.

During their peak development, VEAO probably had 5 "part time" staff working behind the scenes but to Joe Public, the assumption and VEAO's own portrayal was 30 odd, especially when I was voicing my views if these "hypothetical"
ponzi scheme artists actually had the knowledge to release something their consumer's would be proud of. How many times did Pman and Chris both sing in harmony "we all have day jobs" Tango himself carped on "this is in my spare time"

Save it, hardly lost their lively hoods....maybe a slight dent in their ego but don't expect them to admit that any time soon.