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Just a friendly reminder that being critical of a posted opinion here is fine...don't let it get personal! It looks like this is where it's heading...so let's be sure not to go there.

Franze...I'm looking at Winfield's posts about the fiasco as an After Action Report. I was never really interested in the Hawk as a purchase, so I didn't follow the history and find some of these posts interesting. If Winfield's additional "salty" commentary is upsetting you...you can hit the ignore button. Or, feel free to challenge his opinion with your own.

Am I the only one that finds Force10's comments to be biased toward his dislike of DCS?

No, you're not.

@Force10: The problem is is that you give anti-DCS people, and people that you find 'important to the community', much more leeway than people that have something positive to say about DCS. Even though these should be the same buckets of water and be uphold to the same standard.

for the record....I am not as you say "anti-DCS"....2 weeks ago I actually fired up DCS and installed the Harrier. I said some positive things about that module. anti-DCS would mean I don't have it on the hard drive and make baseless opinions, I would class myself as "anti-ED\VEAO" not anti-DCS

Also, post some examples where Force10 is giving more leeway to people who bag out ED compared to people saying positive things. don't attack the strawman.