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Ok....several years back, before I began this thread, I asked Ells on the ED forums if there were 2 copies of the hawk, 1 for the consumers and one for the military contracts which VEAO mentioned they were aiming to sell Hawk for.

I strongly doubt that there are two different versions. And if you look at the current progress of the Hawk and all the existing problems, it's very likely that no one would want it. Tango's code must have been a real mess to deal with. I have to give Chris and VEAO at least some credit for trying to keep it going. But on the other hand, they've had over almost two years to try and figure it out and fix it. So the "it's ED's fault" statements are getting a little old. I hope that they will finally get it resolved because it is a nice looking module. And it would be nice to have a Western dual seat fully functional trainer.