Winfield, I know that you aren't anti-DCS, but you're certainly viewed as 'important to the community'.

And I've taken it up to Force10 about those people and him picking favorites in the past both in public and through PM. I don't mind mentioning those people again, but I feel that won't be fair since they're not following this discussion and I don't want to talk about people behind their backs. (exception for -ice, that -Ice guy was way out of control with his personal attacks and insults, long before he felt empowered enough to go after the mods. There have been people been banned from SimHQ for lesser transgressions, but alas, they didn't share the same opinion as Force10...)

I mean, if you look at the current discussion:

- You make a zing towards BeachAV8, the guy who rubberstamps everything ED throws at him for a review as "amazing".
- Frunze zings you back for being salty
- You zing him back with a reference, comparing his post to VEAO coding
- Frunze explains that he understands why you have a crusade going on, but doesn't understand why the verocity of your crusade
- Then we get: "you still with me so far?? or do I need to simplify that further so it sinks in??", in bold
- At this time, Force10 steps in with a reminder that the thread is heading into "getting personal" territory (where it already was with your comment). Followed by a rant towards Frunze that if your posts upsets him, he can either use the ignore-button, or start going after your opinion. Even though Frunze did nothing wrong and was so far in the center of the debate as is humanly possible, that it is weird where that comment comes from.

Force10 is showing exactly the same behavior as the people do on the ED Forums, but turned 180 degrees.
Instead of propagating debate and free speech, we have a "if you don't like it, go away!"- comment. Which isn't what SimHQ tries exude i'm sure, and is personal as well. I mean: how do you even respond to a post like that?

With permission, I wouldn't mind bringing up past posts and users, but a separate thread would be in order for that, instead of hijacking a thread about VEAO.