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"are they actually capable of releasing anything on par with the A-10C"

Best modules ever released for DCS: A-10C, Ka-50 and Su-25T...

The MiG-15 is excellent as well smile

So is DCS: Huey and apparently DCS Mi-8 as well (I only own Huey).
And what all these (also good) DCS modules (Mig-15, Huey and Mi-8) have in common??
- All are or were developed by Belsimtek
And who's Belsimtek?
- Nothing more than a front company of ED or more precisely ED with a different brand/name all with the purpose of trying to convince (actually and IMO, to deceive) costumers and 3rd parties alike that DCS World is truly modular like some other well known flight sims such as FSX/Prepar3d or the older SF series. Or at best, some sort of a "proof of concept" that 3rd parties can/could (effectively) develop content for DCS World.

anything developed by Belsimtek = anything developed by ED
And there's nothing that I've read so far that can convince me otherwise.