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No problems on my part.........I'm just highlighting the blur that ED have created by using these pre-release terms but not actually defining their interpretation to anyone - most likely intentional as I thinking they find it easy to mask the true state of all their unfinished content.


I don't think anyone has ever mentioned there hasn't been any advances however ED often take 1 step forwards and 5 backwards. Are you really trying to make excuses for the incompetency shown by ED with everything they have ever done been delayed by huge margins? As for Edge been late....that you're even questioning that is late makes you quite the comedian. A look at some posts from 2 years ago will give you a bigger laugh followed by the fiasco that followed last year ultimately ending with the split Dev branches - you're gonna tell us it was all part of the plan they rustled up on the back of a fag packet next.

No-one expects anything to be perfect, yes other companies release software with bugs that need patching/fixing .....however people do expect ED at the very least to learn from all their previous mistakes and start hitting dates in the same centenary that they actually start something. They blatantly stumble from one mess-up to the next without taking anything on board and this is the big difference between them and other companies. I'm embarrassed on their behalf, it really is nothing short of an absolute shambles.

TBH, That's the nature of software development, you fix one Problem, and 3 or 4 introduce themselves as a result of the change made to the code to fix the original, and even then, those 3 or 4 problems wont surface on the hardware profiles, and it takes wide spread distribution before users w/ unique hardware and software profiles start to find the new problems.

ie, Using an Example from Xbox on Windows 10/UWA Testing, we are still finding major bugs, and reporting them and the issue is not even Microsoft's problem to fix, they have to wait for an outside source of the problem to address the problem on their end, it's the Drivers used by specific devices causing the problems because some companies take performance shortcuts in compiling their drivers;
Specifically AMD, nVidia, ASMedia and about 3 dozen USB 3.0 Chip companies.

I'm sure you guys can relate that to DCS, as there are issues AMD Users see that nVidia users dont, and vise versa.

The Split branches (1.5/2.0 I Assume are the ones you referring too), have nothing to do with EDGE, Both Branches Run EDGE.

AS for "Missing Dates", no Direct Release Dates for ED Items have been stated in a while, just broad (Q1, Q2, etc etc), unless you're speaking of the "We expect it to be released this Friday" announcements only for it to slip to Monday or mid-week next week, those cant be helped, stuff comes up, it's not like when they announce a specific day that they are already sitting on the intended build waiting for that day to come, it's a best case scenario hence the "we hope/we aim/our goal" comments in those announcements.

Alot of People Assume EDGE was announced in Early 2011, it was not, EDGE was not Announced w/ A-10C Beta either, and the NTTR Currently in 2.0 Alpha is not the same NTTR that came w/ A-10C Beta.

I've given a detailed breakdown of the timeline before, multiple times here, only for it to be dismissed within seconds of my posting it, further supporting the "if it doesn't support my views on ED I don't want to hear it" mentality.

Development Renders from an External Early Version of EDGE were posted LATE 2011, After The Decision that the DX9 Engine would Not be Able to Handle the Object Count, Dont mistake those renders for a Fully functional engine, it was an external program running basic rendering (3d mesh, Light source, shadow). This is not even mentioning the fact that the Licensed Team behind the NTTR in the A-10C Beta Dissolved, and ED Literally started it over again from Scratch Retaining No I.P. to develop Alongside the New GFX Engine and fullfill the Promise to A-10C PrePuchase Customers.

Graphics engines are developed Externally from a Game or Simulation, and then integrated, whether or not a Professional Simulator Company Came along and purchased a license to use said engine while it was in development and using it for themselves is another story and not uncommon, there's a history of Major Companies Licensing out their unfinished engines to development companies who may or may not complete the engine to their own specs quicker than the company that leased it.
(ie a Non DCS Example: the USAF Licensed the Engine from ThirdWire, and Integrated Items for Modern combat that Thirdwire didnt even have planned and still never integrated into their own base code,
Microsoft ESP (Pro Version of FSX, is Licensed by at least 2 Dozen Private Simulator Companies and Manufacturers, Why do you think Boeing Bought the IP, because it was Dead in the water, and they wanted to use the Engine for their own Simulators).

However these Completed Engines are specialized to a specific group of hardware, and usually coded a lot quicker, and would have issues running on the millions/billions of different desktop hardware profiles in the world today.

So the Comments regarding say AviaTS, the Base Graphics Engine is Obviously the same as EDGE, however it was very likely programmed and compiled by AviaTS to run on a Specific Hardware profile, and likely not any profile of hardware used in anyone's Residential Home.

If ED only had to develop a Hardware Pool of 2-4 Types of CPU's, a Specific GPU and Specific hardware set of controls, then Im Sure they would have been able to pump out their Completed Version of EDGE Prior to late 2015, that's not the Case, the Current Market offers well over 6 dozen types of active production GPU's, spanning at least 8 Architectures and about 200 Performance Profiles.

2012->2015 w/ a Few Breaks in Development (Which were announced in the update threads in the "official updates" section a few times.
3-3.5 Maybe 4+Years for a new rendering engine from scratch from a Small/Med Size Genre Specific Studio is actually a decent Development cycle, if you remove the "development on hold" times , it's less than 3 years.

Another Example:
Prepared3D v1.0 Released November 2010 based off the last version of Microsoft ESP SDK which had Partial DX11 Coded Items included Already.
Prepared3D v2.0 Released November 2013 w/ DirectX 11 Graphics Engine.
And Lockheed is a Significantly Larger Studio, and they did Not have to Model Combat Essential Systems or Weapons.

You See development cycle a pattern Here?,

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