The short version.

Are you a pilot, have you actually flown an aircraft in real life? Yes, not fixed wing
Are you a programmer? No degree in this, however I have made a few scripts in the past.
Have you ever in the past, or are currently, building a module for DCS? No
Are you a project manager and have any qualifications in such? Yes, this I have a great wealth of knowledge and experience in. I will elaborate further on this once the long drawn out post is complete. I will even give you pointers in where you are failing at leading your team.....You may actually learn a thing or two.
Do you actually know what military work we are doing? No, only what you and I have spoken about in PM's when I attempted to get a straight answer from you regarding the EFM early last year. Due to the ban currently in place for the next few hawk patches I am not able to refer to them. Hence you should still have these because I mentioned you delaying the public release of the EFM for as long as possible whilst you chased the military training contracts. Your response was as expected, subtle to say the least.

As for the mudslinger title, I like it. Happy to wear it as if you call being blunt and honest with no watered down moderator intervention mudslinging, I'll take that as a compliment.

There is a post on here at SimHQ, which you can look for

"there are 2 types of people over at ED, those with nothing worth saying and those who have been banned. I see your still there posting up whilst i'm banned

I'm a customer\mudslinger and therefore I do care for the inner workings of what goes on behind the scenes. When a developer comes out who is as highly egotistic as yourself and openly rant just how good you are and how good your module will be and then years later someone like myself takes it on board and compares back then to what we have now. Don't take offence to it, look at why someone has done a comparison and then look at why the problems exist in the 1st place. When I lead my team, I don't joke especially not in public, at the bar or anywhere. I am the representative and I represent that team. I am strict stern and precise with everything that I set out for my team. I don't joke about 'nando's, I don't make reference to what I do in my social life to my team, I am their boss and that is how I am to be treated. I am not their social friend, I lay down the ground rules and those rules are followed, failed deadlines are not rewarded. This is how I "product manage" When dealing with customers, be honest and be blunt. Don't throw a rainbow over the truth of the matter. When I am dealing with customer's I am blunt honest and forthright. My business is mining, not flight sims, you stopped being an 'enthusiast' the moment you announced that 'your' company was registered as VEAO and you were releasing the hawk.

The post you made here

is probably the most honest and forthright post you have written, that is how a product manager should treat their customer, a blunt honest incite as to why the product is currently not as expected.

My reference to 'tree hugger' etc is in reference to your 1st post on these very forums the last time someone 'slated' you and your company as you have put it.


there is it Chris.