AS for Bugs, There's always going to be bugs, some are introduced by patches, others are introduced via outside software (Virus Protection, Harddisk Tooks, DirectX Injectors, 3rd Party / Un-official Mods, User Error, etc).

Are you guys Telling me there's no Bugs in FSX, P3d, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10??
All Of Those are Considered "RELEASED"

Released: Feature Complete (All Planned Features Included)
Early Access: Planned Features in Development.

Official DCS Modules will Always Be Supported, so Bugs will be checked, reported and resolved.

If you Guys Nit Picked FSX/P3D or BMS half as hard as you do DCS, You'll find several glaring bugs/issues w/ that software as well.

No Large Software Suite is Perfect, No Support System is Perfect, No Forum is Perfect, No Society is Perfect.

To Sit and Claim there have Not been Software Advances, Releases, Content, Etc Published by Eagle Dynamics is mis-guided and unfounded, You're being blinded by your Hatred and disgust from your personal experiences, which in every company Differe Greatly depending on the person. (ie, I Know people that Swear Up and Down EA has the Best Support team ever, and well we know people that swear EA has the worst team ever, and heard stories from both sides).

Did EDGE Take Longer than Expected to Be available to Consumers? Very Likely.
Coding an Entirely New Graphics Engine From Scratch is NOT a 8-16 Months of a Code Copy/Paste Development Cycle.
DirectX 9 -> DirectX 11 is a Significant Change in Coding Style and Shader Model, it's not a Take your Source Code and Paste into a Converter and Re-Compile w/ DirectX 11 API.

E.D. Did not license a Engine (ie Unreal, FrostBite, etc), which is why EA and Other companies can pump out Games in 10 month cycles.

You guys are Passionate, Great, we need more people like that, but your hatred and rage is mis-guided, mis-informed and over-zealous.

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