The release is immanent, Wags states the product terms, Chris follows up and clarifies the product terms....Chris states the release is now "5 weeks away" or something to that extent.

Yet here we see

[Linked Image]

It was after this post I began to question that something was not right. Not publicly in the forums, but in the sim community I was a part of at that time. I flew with a squadron who was looking forward to the Hawk,
as many other squadrons all around the world were looking forward to the aircraft in question. One of our members contributed to the pre alpha.
Based on his review, I like other's, were looking forward to getting our hands on the official copy. (our group disbanded the middle of 2015)

Yet, no official comment or statement that there were internal issues portrayed to the community other than 'our lawyers blah blah blah'. (how many times did that crap get regurgitated?)
For those new to this thread, my anger in the 1st several pages at the very beginning stem from my anger leading up to 2016. Not once even before the WW2 commitment did VEAO release any public statement
honestly to the consumer's that there would be major coding delays. When there were delays, they were 'official' lies. The Typhoon was still on track for Q4 of 2014.

If you look at the statement from Chris on the 20-12-18, it is along the lines of "our lawyers have told us to remain silent on the matter" much like the post above regarding the delay of the Hawk.
It doesn't take a genius, let alone a pissed off consumer to see through the lies and BS as to where the actual fault remains in this entire saga.

Yet, to fully understand the 20-12-18 statement, Look at the entire situation from start to finish.
Infighting with Tango, contractual deadlines set forth by VEAO for Tango to follow, the code being used in the Hawk during and after alpha release. As it included Tango's code, a complete re-write would further delay the release (in 2014).
No mention in the forums of the internal dramas. VEAO was on the hunt for an AFM must have taken at least 2 years for VEAO to find someone with working knowledge to recode the hawk.

Tango had VEAO by the balls, literally. We can briefly look at the situation today and lay eyes on ED's 1.5 & 2.5 release but VEAO had contractual obligations to release something.
VEAO were making promises they could not contractually keep. ED should have pulled the pin back then. Right after the post by Chris above..

I am getting to that point in time, As a consumer, I feel the need to tell the story from my perspective. The saying goes "The customer is always right" isn't it? This is how my hard earned money was spent in my opinion.
I could have bought a bottle of whiskey. I could have bought many things, however as I have my time over again, i'd rather spend my $50 now on my perspective of how VEAO failed to live up to the hype and con the consumer's into this scam.

It took years for Chris and VEAO to come out and say that a complete recode of the hawk structure was required to fit in with 1.5\2.0. Honestly to get Tango out the picture back in 2014 the re-code should have taken place then.