come one come all....

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It's like an episode of Fawlty Towers.
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Yes, Basil used to draw incorrect conclusions based upon partial or assumed knowledge and made himself look silly in most episodes.

roll up roll up, I'm keen for another round of who deserves a green rep square....

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My gods, Winfield... You're a [Text deleted].

Do not call other members names. Address the message content, not the author's characteristics.

any more takers???

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[quote=Vitesse]I think Kom was probably right about you.

naw you angry you missed out on a green rep square?

never fear, plenty to go round

Green Rep Square

Naw frown

you know their losing the battle when they get personal

My direct quotes do the talking for me.....

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Thought better of it.

indeed you did....pity you were to slow on the edit button

I don't have the heart to give you a red rep square.....see how generous I am?

Any more hawk lovers out there care to join in and make it personal against me for my view on just how bad this aircraft actually is???


Stay tuned will be my 'Unofficial Tester's review of the Avionics. 5+ years in the making. enough for anyone to ask after this long in development

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