Here we have the 2016 year in review and VEAO's aims for 2017......surely this post was to boost P40 pre-sales was it not?

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Surely every consumer [mainly Hawk owners] of VEAO would not have bought into that truck load of crap that spewed from this dodgy dev, then absolutely no one would have believed a word that flowed from the right hand man, or did they?

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Notice how Sithspawn and the regular moderators seemed to have dropped off the planet in that thread and 70% of all other threads within the VEAO sub forums from about the time I started this thread here at SimHQ. Just BIGNEWY, not that his comments hold an ounce of merit other than full blown support for VEAO in every subforum and thread that bares VEAO's association.

Lot's of congratulatory posts....nothing from consumer's such as myself on that forum due to the bans dished out to those former member's who raised their concerns over the years regarding the failure to produce anything worth paying for.