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Am I the only one that finds Force10's comments to be biased toward his dislike of DCS?

I can understand why freedom to be critical of ED and their 3rd party offerings without the requirement of being "constructive" may seem biased...given that ED controlled forums have certain requirements for how you voice your negative experiences. Now...I'm not sure how exactly you can expect your customers to be "constructive" about being outright burned on the P-40 out of money, in addition to having a partially functioning Hawk module that's no longer supported. Yes...we understand it's a risk with pre-orders but in the case of the Hawk, it was sold at the ED store and ED got their cut of profits so it's a slap in the face.

Customers getting the short end shouldn't be swept under the rug and forgotten IMO...it may save someone from making the same mistakes with their money later.

I like the community manager's response to the hoards venting their anger over the VEAO's demise. It gives meaning to ED's overall stance on what the VEAO situation is.

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