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I didn't know that the damage model was going to be part of this update. Have you managed to take off? I've read good things on the ED forums once people get into the air.

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Hey Guys,

Here is a summary of the Go / No-Go list for the big patch:
Cockpit textures - Go
EFM - Go
EFM damage model - Go

you will only read good things on the ED forums.....the blunt honest opinion comments have been removed

I'm still in the process of piecing together another video of it in the air....the problem is every time I feel committed enough to start filming, the hawk CTD's time and again.

On a short note. It's damn impossible to break this bird in the air or on the ground, the wings don't snap off (believe me I have tried), the way the pixels (pilot) blacks out and comes to is a joke. The cockpit sounds change every time I can get past the CTD, after take off it sounds like a P-51 keeps buzzing the aircraft every 20 or so seconds. External sounds, the jet doesn't change engine pitch at any distance or with different throttle settings. Get it up to speed 90 degree left or right bank angle and pull the stick back and hold it in an endless turn.....does the plane eventually stall or lose controlled flight? no, I've tried only a few times due to CTD issues. The list goes on but I did say I'd keep it short.