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@Battlerabbit - I have blatantly been called names and have been criticised and I'm not allowed to defend myself in my own manner, how I chose, language and sarcasm as well? Hmmm I can see how this is going to go, very one sided I see.

Sure you can defend yourself but get it off your chest with one or two posts and don't constantly ride around on it.
As clich as it sounds in a situation like this you need the be the bigger person and just shrug it of as stupid customers. I'm not defending either side here but how VEAO has handled the situation in the past and present has not helped its situation / chemistry with the community.

You would be better of admitting that you #%&*$# up or made bad decisions in the past then making excuses, the community won't lynch you for it and your standing might improve because of your honesty.