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Not control input but rather by flight surfaces, like how XPlane calculates aerodynamics/flight characteristics.... at least that was the claim. Winfield's video showing the Hawk flying with half the other wing torn off shows this isn't the case.

I was quite suspicious of this myself when the Hawk was able to take off, fly a dodgy circuit with both internal and external views showing the the flaps at full extension have absolutely no influence on the 'EFM' let alone cause the left wing to rise and enter a spiral spin as it would IRL.

Back to the drawing board for VEAFAIL smile

I am curious about how this one has been implemented

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Improvements to departure from flight logic

This should be quite interesting considering the Hawk has absolutely zero 'flight logic' It flies on 1 wing just fine and taxis just fine even when it has no wing or nose wheel. I am calling BS on this one.

Yet if it had any logic, it would be able to do something like this in my test video above with the wing ripped off

Never fear gents, once I have completed the 'unofficial tester flight program' on the Hawk in it's current state, I will update to the 'latest and greatest' version for a side by side comparison

Another upsetting factor that has changed is the stores this crap wagon can carry.

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Table 6 gives some idea of stores
configurations that have been cleared for the Hawk, up to about 1981.

Table 6 External Stores (1981)

Under Inboard Outboard
Fuselage Wing Wing
Aden 30 mm Gun Pod X X X
BR 125 125 kg bomb (free fall) X X X
BR 250 250 kg bomb (free fall) X X & XX X & XX
BRP 250 250 kg bomb (retarded) -- X X
BR 500 500 kg bomb (free fall)* X X X
Mk.81 250 lb bomb (free fall) X X X
Mk.81 SE 250 lb bomb (retarded) -- X X
Mk.82 500 lb bomb (free fall) X X & XX X & XX
Mk.82 SE 500 lb bomb (retarded) -- X X
Mk.83 1000 lb bomb (free fall)* X X X
540 lb MC bomb (free fall) X X X
BL 755 Cluster bomb X X X
Matra F155 M/N Rocket launcher -- X X
Matra F2 Rocket launcher -- X X
LAU 51 Rocket launcher -- X X
Oerlikon Snora Rocket launcher -- X X
CBLS 100 Practice bomb carrier** -- X X
CBLS 200 Practice bomb carrier** -- X X
455 litre (100 IG) External fuel tank -- X --
600 litre (130 IG) External fuel tank -- X --
865 litre (190 IG) External fuel tank -- X --
Sidewinder AIM-9G -- X --
Matra Magic Air-air missile -- X --
Reconnaissance camera pod X -- --
Sea Eagle Air-surface missile X -- --
All are 14 inch twin suspension stores. X indicates single carriage
* Modified trailing edges to fins. XX indicates carriage on twin store carriers
** To carry free fall and retarded practice bombs

See page 45 at the below source as the copied table is on par with the Hawk module.....a fail


Aden gun pod is only available on centre pylon, Hawk Story states otherwise, MK82's able to be carried on inner and outer pylon, VEAFAIL's only allow inner pylon, taking shortcuts on the module and I have only just scratched the surface over the last 2 years.