Ice didn't 'go after the mods' at all....he was having a perfectly valid discussion with many others in the PWEC section of the forum. What happened was completely over the top by one mod who was also discussing something and posting much worse, and then was the only person who went completely over the top and insisted Ice stopped discussing it and this his own opinion was gospel.

Vaderini, why do you want to 'talk about people' in the first place, be it behind someone's back or full frontal? SimHQ is about the games/sims and always has been. A thread about 'people' is not going to achieve anything. I'm not sure if you're trying to launch a rebuke against the VEAO thread?.....a thread that again is discussing a module of a sim, and which happens to have been developed by utter incompetence....something again, that was highlighted in this very forum a good few years ago.

Winfield mentioned Beach going wax lyrical about DCS in reviews, which is completely true.....but he's still talking about DCS and in this specific case probably the C101 update which Beach had never been outspoken about how poor the first iteration was. Any reply that talks about someone being 'salty' is only discussing the's the same old story. People read something negative about a game/sim they like and start talking about the person in reply - do they not have the ability to accept criticism about a sim they like? It's ridiculous. I also believe that Beach clearly has bias with the DCS reviews, can you give any example at all that doesn't go over the top, whether it's a preview or review he never mentions the flaws, and never returns to a preview/review to set the record straight.....perhaps the bias relates to this;

Originally Posted by BeachAV8R
I received a rather unexpected e-mail from Eagle Dynamics producer Matt Wagner, better known as “Wags” on the DCS forums. He kindly asked me if I was interested to be a part of the Tester Team for DCS World 2. Being an insatiable DCS enthusiast, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to help the developer team while doing what I love most: flying

You'll find reviews and previews going back to 2015 and beyond about WW2, payware campaigns that sound like the best thing since sliced bread, yet have absolutely failed or still haven't been put right. Given what we see released by ED, the tester team need a good shake as I'm not too sure what they're actually testing as they don't catch the simplest of bugs for starters.

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