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Ice defending ED for once... biggrin winkngrin

You need to wash your mouth!! biggrin

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Every single update that has been released since 1.0 either in 1.5 or 2.0 has caused bugs with both of these modules and quite a few others.

Ouch! Although I'm not surprised, the norm has been to fix 1 thing and break 2 others things with each patch. I guess if the patches break good modules, I can only assume what it does to bad modules.

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[Of course they didn't.....because it wasn't in ED's integration plans either. It only manifested when they couldn't finish 2.0 in time and had to break apart the functionality into separate streams just so they could get something 2.0 related with a 3 year delay instead of an 5 year delay which is about where we are now.
Whilst I have some sympathy for 3rd parties having to work with a company that has no road-map, no idea which way they are headed at any moment of time and react to their commercial/military contracts, I've no sympathy for the third parties that follow the same early access/beta path that ED defined which has no finish date and often no intent to actually complete the modules they are taking money for.

So if they didn't know at the start, what did they do when they realized that this was the path ED was going to take? Why go along with a plan that is clearly inept and would involve so much more work than necessary? Why not stand back, tell ED to finish their work, then start their own work once the core systems of DCS have been set down?

I guess I'm giving ED and 3rd party way too much credit here in terms of common sense, but the questions need to be asked.

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