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And that is exactly the same reason why ED shouldn't be putting effort into supporting/pushing payware campaigns until the core game is merged and stable.

Apart from having to patch the game just to support a campaign, it means that EDs involvement in pushing these also gives them responsibility in the fixing/integration and re-testing each and every one once 2.5 is released.....in 2050 probably. yep


A waste of time for ED having to release updates to make campaigns stable on a monthly basis, as was signing on another 3rd party developer who promised good things with WW2 only to pull the pin and leave ED to pick up the kick starter promises.

VEAO is basically the 1st and longest running 3rd party developer....now ED has to divert time yet again to fix VEAO's endless bug list. From a business stand point, VEAO's failed Hawk has to be damaging ED's reputation especially with quotes from VEAO informing consumers that ED have to fix the bugs,

basically all I am seeing here is a marvelous model and the coding for it into the 'world' being entirely up to ED.

ED need to burn off the dead wood.