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Even IF I do ever receive the P40 I pre purchased from them on 07/02/2015

That's what's wrong with epople nowadays! They want to thave the things they buy immediately! Now! Now! Me! Me! Don't you guys know these things take time? Come back in 10 years! For the beta version.
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Well, while I am at it, ME, Me, Me, Now, Now, Now, I am wondering whether I will be alive to see the likes of the P47 and Me262 from the Normandy 1944 Kick Starter debacle. Then again, I do need some time to save the $ to build that new Rig to be able to actually use DCS with a decent frame rate. sigh And to think, I am a "Baby Boomer", how have I succumbed to these instant gratification desires? I digress, 10 years is reasonable? hahaha