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Every single update that has been released since 1.0 either in 1.5 or 2.0 has caused bugs with both of these modules and quite a few others.

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Ouch! Although I'm not surprised, the norm has been to fix 1 thing and break 2 others things with each patch. I guess if the patches break good modules, I can only assume what it does to bad modules.

They've actually done a pretty good job of squashing most of the bugs. You know how I am about this and I'm not going to defend ED's practices. That's their job, to fix the bugs and make it a viable sim environment. I'm just as sick and tired of the excuses as a lot of people are. But at least most of the real nefarious ones have been addressed. The other serious and mostly invisible problems to most users are all of the triggering and scripting bugs. It makes it close to impossible for mission builders because it's a constant moving target right now. They have stated that a lot of those bugs should be mostly fixed by the time 2.5 is released, in 2020 probably. clapping