Im aware of your entire history, i can see all you infractions and all your deleted posts.

the poll as an underminding function.

Someone says it affects x%, and you figured lets see, and created a poll which was redundant, they are aware of the severity of the issue and working with a solution.

It was redundant, as there was already a developed thread about the issue, there was no need for a 2nd one. you want to get a percent, go through the thread count the people that saod they had the issue and then count the people that said they didnt.

So you say you didnt post here and then paste the link in every DCS group and page on facebook?

You were not given any infractions for the poll itself, but for reposting it after it was deleted and questionimg moderation about it.

VEAO didnt ban you, The moderators did.

Im not going to debate this with you.

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