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As a Viggen fanatic I am already putting the thing aside with a big yawn.

Wow, already? I'd have thought you'd stick with it for longer, but I can understand why...

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Porimma is a joint venture between Eventuality UK and VEAO Simulations. Our aim is to provide the future of military simulations and we derived our name from the Roman Goddess of the future.

Eventuality UK is an events management company with over 30 years of experience delivering events for the MOD and a variety of other companies, including high profile names such as Breitling Watches. It was on a Breitling job where Eventuality first expanded into the simulator market, providing a combat flight simulator. As the simulator business has grown, it has expanded into providing military spec dome screens and driving simulators with motion platforms for companies such as Jaguar, Porsche, Aviator Watches and Motorsport Magazine.
What is this "combat flight simulator" that they talk of? And then they mention driving simuators...

VEAO Simulations develops realistic, high quality consumer aircraft products for use in the DCS World flight simulator.
Either someone does not know how to speak English or they are blatantly lying. What "productSSS" are they talking about? The site only lists the Hawk, and, well, it's not exactly "high quality"... maybe it is if you're coming from Ace Combat series...

These include true-to-life clickable cockpit, flight model, damage model, weapons panels including deployment, full systems models for multi-function displays, fuel, hydraulics, engine, electrical and realistic terrain models.
Its vision is to simulate air combat operations around the world in hypothetical war theatres for use by real world or virtual pilots using the latest synthetic flight simulation software and hardware. Aircraft development to date include the BAE Hawk T.1A, Eurofighter Typhoon, classic single engine jet aircraft and classic WWII War Birds.
"weapons panels including deployment"?? "Realistic terrain models"?? Where are these things coming from? Vision is there, sure, but really, that counts for nothing in the real world until you can actually deliver. If "vision" was all that mattered, we'd all be enjoying DCS, there'll be no bug complaints, and everybody would own every module. I also LOL at "simulate air combat operations around the world in hypothetical war theatres".... did they get one of our banned members here to write this spiel?

The two companies first came together as part of the design process for the Breitling flight simulator, with VEAO developing the Breitling Jet to use whilst they held their South East Asia tour.
I'm sure there was little comment on the Breitling Jet's flight characteristics... biggrin

As VEAO Simulations developed their portfolio further it became clear that its high quality products could be particularly beneficial to military partners around the globe.
Someone in this company is not in touch with reality.

OMG!! So many lies, so many half-truths!

What does an "event management" company want to do with simulations? Just expanding their portfolio?

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