@Battlerabbit - I have blatantly been called names and have been criticised and I'm not allowed to defend myself in my own manner, how I chose, language and sarcasm as well? Hmmm I can see how this is going to go, very one sided I see.
I thought these forums were open from what I've read and this is me typing, not hiding behind some moderator who controls what I type. You wanted it straight, you got it.
If customers have genuine gripes rather than a load of hype fuelled by shiz being thrown about in a rude manner feel free to talk about it.
I'm here now and will answers questions.

@Scrim -thanks for that constructive criticism which I've taken on board. Please email support and we will process a refund and disable your product key.

@mudslinger - still no answers to 6 simple questions. Yep just as I thought. You go and enjoy those beers buddy and be careful not to spill any water on your keyboard whilst you're trying to come up with an answer.