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I'm Really sorry that SimHQ has to constantly deal with this,, Sorry Moderators,

The Decision is Yours, Have a Wonderful Day.

You're not sorry SimHQ has to deal with this at all.....its your choice that you decide to deal with ED forum moderation on this site for one reason only. You simply cannot communicate with anyone on the ED forums because you and the other mods ban anyone who questions anything.

If you see/speak with 'top of the tree' at VEAO, please direct him to this thread. He offered refunds to people who aren't happy with their module
....I replied months ago that I'll take him up on the offer due to the complete shambles and waste of time and money that is the hawk.

Do you really think that 'eekz' is basing a poll on 3 people responding? Does it not occur to you that more people would have responded had the poll remained open. Also to counter your point there is no possible way that VEAO know how many people are affected with this issue given that they say not everyone is affected.......unless of course EVERYONE is affected and they're starting to realise themselves that they're a match made in heaven with ED and are as equally incompetent.

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