Let me recap for a moment.

The release is imminent, All is going to plan yet Chris craps on about lawyer's delaying the release of the Hawk.
Looks like I am not the only one who saw through the BS to what where the actual issue lay

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Is that not the same issues that had taken place with the release of ED's 1.5 and current 2.0\2.5?

I am looking for the post by Chris where he states that the rear seat may or may not be coded due ED informing VEAO that the new code structure would mean a complete re-code of the Hawk. This is still very early in 2014.....
VEAO and ED had knowledge way back then the hawk would require a complete overhaul in order to work in the sim and keep up with the later EDGE. VEAO chose to ignore it but work on the current code to implement a
hack job rear seat long before 1.5 was released. Obviously time delaying and adding to the development costs.

Give me a while....I waited 6 years for a fully functioning hawk...surely you can wait a day or so for me to find Chris's post on the rear seat smile

This one makes me laugh....so close yet so far, doesn't the cockpit issues sound like something regurgitated when ED announced their own L-39 project.
Tango's side project never had a cockpit after 10 years. Now look here....Hawk doesn't even have a fully functioning cockpit after the delay in release......
surely alarm bells were ringing with ED here? How can an aircraft be released with out a functioning cockpit?? obviously it can't or ED would not have made a fully functioning
L-39 from scratch in 18 months......

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