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Isn't the whole point of a forum to discuss things? Yet another example of why the ED site is nothing other than a censored message board and not a forum.

The problem of NineLine and Matt is that the only truth is what they think is true, anything that doesn't rhyme with their reality is false (not understanding that reality is what you think it is, instead of a fact). You saw it with -Ice here as well. It is a common thing with people that don't get out much smile (No slam intended, I sincerely think they have the social interactions of a 9-year old)

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It really is laughable that 'member's' are not entitled to have their say in a forum where the parent company ED on-sold products in which the the community manager himself fully endorsed. Only now to lock the VEAO forums on the hoard of consumer's

I can understand that they want to run a tight ship. The forum is there to sell modules, so speech is only allowed if it helps to sell modules. The same reason why only Mudspike and some other 'reviewers' get a review copy, instead of reliable reviewers that explain the pro's and con's of a module.

What I cannot fathom is in what galaxy your mind must live in, to consider deleting posts a normal thing?
Everybody that even has a basic understanding of the internet understands that that is a BIG no-no and should only be used in extreme cases as spam-bots or porn on a family site, etc... Yet here we have ED Forums, with behavior never seen anywhere else on the internet, deleting posts without telling the poster, without explanation, and they sincerely have no clue that this is the internet version of punching someone in the face.
I mean, where do they find these guys? And are they as abusive to their family and friends as they are on the internet?

Wait, that would explain my first paragraph, and why Nineline managed to get banned from pretty much every flightsim community out there.

Indeed a forum is where people come together to comment, share opinions, give weight on why they do not share the same opinions etc etc.
The only real sim forum I have found where I can give weight on why I do not share the same opinions is here at SimHQ,

Subsim is VERY good as well, although submarine games are a lot better managed than DCS is, which lowers the amount of drama significantly. smile

I would recommend anyone that forum. Just nice upstanding folk all around, helping each other where-ever they can, with interesting posts everywhere you look smile It's great.

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