As this journey progresses, we must 1st look back where it all began. The beginnings held some hope inspiration into the unknown and what lies beneath to where it ended up. This was a catastrophic disaster on all fronts.
Watch as the blame shifts back and forth between everyone who was associated with this failed venture yet absolutely no apologies for the damage done, not only to ED as a business, but broken promises to it's member's, consumers and shareholders.
Let's look at this thread as a 'study thread' DCS was palmed off as a study sim so let me use this thread as an in depth study in the failings of what has taken place over the last decade of development for a single module.

[Linked Image]

From that, we can gather that VEAO set in motion a plan, at that stage very early on, this plan was not a thwarted by the infighting or the inexperience of these mod makers who had absolutely no working knowledge of the DCS code structure.
It began with a statement of what VEAO had pipe dreams of. Previous skill sets included a cut of the hawk drawn in microsoft paint and pasted over an su25 in Lock-On.

The OP began to build hype and momentum within the DCS forums with the fanbois squealing like pigs "take my money" before anyone stopped to think "are they actually capable of releasing anything on par with the A-10C" (cue Winfield)
To add another diesel engine to the hype train, Chris mentioned the work he had done with the typhoon and the RL pilots who used it for a recruitment tool. it's safe to say that the "beers flowed that night" as Chris presented his sales pitch
on what the consumer could expect in terms of a quality DCS product.

However, to quote Chris
Originally Posted by Chris Ells
As other development teams have mentioned, DCS is a big learning curve for all of us. However, the VEAO ethos is to always share what we have learnt to allow others to create and I have spoken briefly to other teams about knowledge sharing to allow development paths to be aligned rather than going out and all finding the same things by ourselves.

This to me stood out as though it was an uber driver on Linkden networking with other Uber driver's on the ride share app more than it stood out as a company who knew what they were doing from the getup.

During the early stages of this study thread, I believe it will be beneficial to put forth and draw comparisons between a ponzi scheme and VEAO, it will add merit as to what took place on that fateful day at Nando's all those years ago.

***on a side note, could someone please explain to me why Ells and his minions still have "3rd party developer" under their avatar at the official ED forums??*** I would ask myself but as you all know....I was removed from the forums for this very thread.