Look at the "hype" these bunch of clowns generated.....Look at their previous coder.....the new one they have can't even pick up from where the last one left. (Now it's a complete re-code of the BAWK and it is still a farce)

It get's better and better for the "damage model"

[Linked Image]

We now have less than what we had when Tango left.

Does the competition still stand?? I can name a few things that have not been modeled even after 6+ years of development.....let me start with the Gun pod.

** Note, rather than create numerous posts tonight, I will just update as the night progresses***

And then there is this post from one our own respected members, pity it was not posted in this very thread for other 3rd party developers to see but I am comfortable that word has got around over the last few years that the ' other 3rd party developers ' are learning from VEAFAIL's mistakes.

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The source for further inspirational posts

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Let me see what is still broken to this day.....

"Flaps and gear down now effect flight model" - load of crap, I have proven this with a missing wing with flaps and gear down. Nose wheel missing has no bearing on the flight model

"Smoke pods"....non existent

"Aden gun pod will hopefully have it's texture by patch day." - the pod is completely missing.

"Aden sounds we are waiting on feedback for" - I have not tested as previously stated.....if it is missing, it is non existent

"Rudder sensitivity has been tweaked and is currently being tested" - Don't notice any difference from when I cranked up this POS 2 years ago so no change here

"DFM (Damage flight model) is being worked on following feedback from ED" - still is a sad state of affairs, it is a hit and miss as to what will be damaged when running into vehicles numerous times

"NTTR map ILS for airfields is being tested" - No idea....probably still BAWKed

"Controls indicator (RCtrl+Enter) is being tested." No idea, is this even a thing in any real aircraft?? do real aircraft show this feature on the HUD, Don't reply...it is a sarcastic response


Here have a go at this happy consumer of VEAFAIL that Pman mentioned in an earlier quote. The response from 9Lies is.....well expected.

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[Linked Image]

Yes Pete.....of those 10's of thousands...that were are happy "back in the day" those 10's of thousands want their money back.

Another "satisfied" customer from 12 months prior

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