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Not everyone is as enthusiastic to abandon things with potential as you are.

That's quite the change of mind there, Frederf.

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You can almost compare it to someone that has no interest whatsoever about being part of a community (SimHQ)...yet continues to post and share his dis-taste for that community on their website.

Y'know...just as a hypothetical example.

Having no interest in being part of a community? Because i don't participate in flinging verbal diarrhea EDs way? Where on SimHQs statutes does it say that that's what it takes to be part of the community?

Is that the retribution for the 2 posts i reported that contained insults against actual persons (not companies)? I'm sorry i'm creating such an enormous workload for you. Not like you did anything about it, though. But yeah, keep telling yourself that i'm just here to stir your flock.

At least i'll always have the time that CyBerkut moderated here <3 It cannot be overstated what a surpreme job he did.

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