No doubt Chris knew the capabilities of the Hawk.....many times had he experienced 'hard pulls' culminating in excess of 9g's, especially when testing the EFM with the joystick in hand.

[Linked Image]

I am curious....who was present to collect and confirm that data? P-man? Tango? a representative from ED perhaps? intriguing to say the least.
ED sign off on the SFM, AFM, EFM .doc, .PFD etc etc as previously mentioned by Chris himself, surely someone at Ed would have had to oversee the ordeal?


If only Chris showed that same enthusiasm in the release of the Hawk....

But anyways....

Cibit stumbles across a post by Chris a few months prior informing the worshipers that P-man will be head of PR whilst Chris focuses on 'military contracts'

P-man responds with this gem.

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the key point being 'something for everyone'....
now I can not speak for 'everyone' but the make believe feeling of having my bones pulled to 9gs is just not me.