Ok....I am going to put this out there and let you draw your own opinions and basis.

several years back, before I began this thread, I asked Ells on the ED forums if there were 2 copies of the hawk, 1 for the consumers and one for the military contracts which VEAO mentioned they were aiming to sell Hawk for.
I said "it would make sense to delay the consumer version so that the finished military version could be shopped around before the consumers had their hands on basically what the military version had.

At the time I had the SFM, PFM was still being shopped around but not decided on before it became EFM

Ells informed me that there was only 1 version and he wanted it completed just as much as I did. There was no completed military version which I had mentioned after the initial 12 months of delay's and bugs.

Is there really only 1 version? after all these years and the bugs that are still outstanding, wouldn't it make sense if you were trying to sell a product to military contractors that you had a completed model? Any company would be a laughing stock trying to sell off a solution which was far from complete.

In the current state hawk is in, like the ejection issue for instance, would you still take it to a military expo like sounds that don't work such as the aden gun pod and really stand proud at stand C182 at the International Forum for Military Simulation (ITEC)?

Delaying the consumer version whilst shopping around a fully functioning bug free version at an "exaggerated" price vying for military contracts would make far more sense than fixing bugs in the consumer version,

Like ICE said only a few posts back along the lines of "They have your money, they don't care" which is basically the truth of the matter.

Before someone jumps the gun on me, let me add this.

Chris is not only the director of VEAO simulations but all so the Director of Porrima Simulations, Check the company Logo, look familiar?

VEAO changed their logo on the ED forums in their signatures recently, obviously they want to look like separate entities to their military simulation company Porrima.

As you can see from the post just above, 6:13, 17\5\17 on the day that Porrima are attending ITEC as listed on the Porrima website.

Now to me as a consumer, it seems I won't see a finished Hawk as the military contracts take precedence but it was the consumers who coughed up so the director could quit his day job.

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