.....and don't work with a 'prime' that don't have a roadmap and just react to changes as they see fit......because it will also affect the impossible schedule you have set yourselves.

The thing is, I don't doubt that other 3rd party developers have the same issues that VEAO have with goalposts moving all the time due to ED making unplanned changes that affect everyone elses dev streams. VEAO publicly denounced this whereas others will just suck it up at great expense.
ED certainly didn't plan the 3 tier development streams for example because that was born out of not being able to release DCS2.0 in a timely fashion, and then some of the functionality got splintered out into the 1.5.x and the 2.x alpha/betas.....that has affected most of the companies involved with this complete shambles.

I've been labelling ED as 'incompetent' for years. Nothing has changed, and ED hasn't either because they refuse to acknowledge they are constantly making mistakes and therefore refuse to learn from them too.

On the Eighth day God created Paratroopers and the Devil stood to attention.