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I would also like to point out, the list of completed modules is 4 aircraft long. The A-10C, the Blackshark, the F-86 and the MiG-15Bis. Notice anything similar about these modules? They're all BST and ED modules. ED, which has free access to the code, and hasn't released a module in years, and BST, which has a special close relationship to ED given it's made of former devs and has a special agreement. Every other third party is in beta, hell even BST's 2 helicopters, which have been in development for longer than the other Beta modules are still incomplete.

Hhhmm. I don't think ED know what their own definition of early access/alpha/beta is. Go and take a look at the F86 sub-forum.......Nate and Skatezilla offer completely different interpretations of what 'released' is. You're claiming the F86 is complete yet it's still full of glaring bugs with a constant flow of fixes. I suppose if enough people attempt to justify that certain modules are complete/incomplete/released/supported/unsupported then ED are covering all their bases even though the module is obviously nowhere near finished.

Like I've said before, I was playing Blackshark in 2008 on the Caucasus map, fast forward to 2016 and I can now play Blackshark with glaring bugs on an unfinished Caucasus map alongside a job lot of unfinished modules that have been in the same sorry state for a number of years. There is an option to play on the Nevada map without missions and without a chunk of content and functionality that we were supposed to see about 4 years ago. ED are clearly in reverse.

At what point does 'not fit for purpose' become valid? I'd rather ED didn't answer that question either, I'm sure they have a whole range of answers that have the same meaning as 'never'. Perhaps I'll get my great grand-kids to let me know when ED pull their finger out and actually finish something!

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