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I got a refund on the Hawk. I tried to give it a chance, I really did. But the quality just wasn't up to par with the FC3 level planes. Yes it had a mostly (at the time) clickable cockpit and I didn't pay much, I think $16. But the artwork to the sounds and whatnot were just not comparable to the other modules I owned. I got a refund via Steam. However, that was years ago. Probably three (3) years ago. I felt somewhat bad at the time because I do like to give niche game developers a chance. But now I am very glad I did. I'd rather put the money into a better module or another game.

I see where you are coming from, however the main point that I have raised numerous times in this thread and many more times in other threads is that this vendetta I have with VEAFAIL is not only to showcase how piss poor this POS module is but
to prevent this issue from happening with other 3rd parties licensed by ED\TFC\Belsimtek from happening again.

Now it is known fact that not only the 3rd party developers read the forums here at SimHQ as well as those employed by ED\TFC\Belsimtek. I can name 2 further 3rd party developers who have ranted in this very thread as backing vocalists for the VEAFAIL band in which I have responded with one comment to each 'licensed developer' and they left tail between their legs (looks at cobra)

However VEAFAIL were one of the 1st to gain a 3rd party license. Only a couple of threads below this one I made one that "Another 3rd party dev bites the dust" Yes I could have just moved on, shelved this POS and left this thread to die but I see it as the 'community duty' to give updates on an annual basis for the next 3rd party license that is just 'handed out'

Keeping this thread alive whilst knowing word is getting back from prying eyes of ED\TFC\Belsimtek and the 'follower's and backer's' of VEAFAIL. This thread alone is giving the community of DCS an honest review how not to present a module that would make the A-10C look like the HAWK did when I began this review. I'm still waiting for the airshow from the actual Red Arrows that was promised but never happened. Just one of the many points VEAFAIL made clear to the community before the release whilst chowing down nacho's

If you want me to review any other aircraft with the same honest and blunt opinions....I am open to suggestions.

My original goal of this thread was that if I can put forth uncensored honest opinions that would persuade any 3rd party developer to lift their game, AND they actually did from this review....the community would see more smiles and less gripes.

Now I could join in on in the 2.5 open beta thread chorus and hit a few 'high notes' myself, but Ice, Paradaz and many others have that one under control already. They have shared more views with submitted evidence even with out my mind focusing on that subject matter.

Who remembers when VEAFAIL announced their list of aircraft they had planned and the map was going to be a release of that actual Mach Loop and surrounding area??? shelved gents, can't even finish their 1st module after 6 years.

Roughly out of the 40,000 views this thread has had, maybe half of that are the same people....then there would be a possibility that 1000 of those people would love to see this thread locked and put to rest.

Now Chris at VEAFAIL comes from a stated OH&S background, I am more than sure he understands the term 'duty of care' well folks, I have a 'duty of care' to continue keeping this thread alive and updated until the consumer's get what they paid for.

Those future TFC\DCS\Belsimtek licensed 3rd party developers should take note from this very thread and sell something worth paying for (considering ED\TFC\Belsimtek have upped the price on modules across the store page)