Ok Winfield, or would you rather been known as mudslinger seeing as you've branded me "tree hugger"?....let's kick this off.

Firstly, what have I done to offend you for you to personally insult me and my company?
Yes we're all open to opinions around here but seriously, you seem to have a personal vendetta against me and I'd like to know where that came from. Did I sleep with your girlfriend, wife, mother, father, dog, cat or goldfish for you to have this much hate against me??

Anyone can post things out of context and wow you are seriously good at doing that; only posting quotes from me to strengthen your case to the unsuspecting community.
Sometimes three times in a row the same quote just in case anyone missed you trying to get your point across. Tell me, do you feel this inadequate all of the time with other personal issues?

Lets also set something straight whilst we're here. I have no authority to ban anyone on the ED forums or can influence anyone getting banned and I certainly do not hide behind ED's moderators.

Have I not been truthful answering people's questions and concerns on the forums?
Have I not invited people to contact me personally to discuss any issues they have with the module?
Have I not offered refunds to people that post concerns?

Yes I certainly have and out of those public refund requests do you know how many I've actually refunded when they contacted me, none, because when I talk to them they voice their concerns, I listen and we discuss what they want and what some of the issues are and all of them have asked to be helpful and become a tester so we can make better products, rather than flinging mud around, like you.

If you hate the module so much why haven't you un-installed it, contacted me and asked for a refund.
I'll tell you why, it's because you want some limelight with this community for being the all seeing eye, the voice of reason, the public opinion of our "low quality" module as you call it, flinging mud around.
Actually I quite like the name mudflinger for you, it suits you very well.

It seems to me you're hiding behind this community because you don't have the balls to contact me to discuss things in person. So, man the #%&*$# up and let's have at it.

Oh I see it was your video about the damage model, why am I not surprised. Nice subjective view there, thanks.
Oh wait, let's drive an airplane into a truck and a few other airplanes and see if I can set it on fire.
Did you have Tonka toys when you were a kid and do the same thing?

Everyone keeps saying realism realism realism so is it realistic that the slightest touch of an airplane in DCS makes it catch on fire or it's wing fall off? No doubt your opinion will be yes because whatever I say you'll argue against, well in the real world it just doesn't happen that way.

After reading 8 pages of your "subjective" drivel lets get down to the brass tacks and let me ask you some questions so we can start to discuss things here.

Are you a pilot, have you actually flown an aircraft in real life?
Are you a programmer?
Have you ever in the past, or are currently, building a module for DCS?
Are you a project manager and have any qualifications in such?
Do you actually know what military work we are doing?

I'm dying to know the answers because you spout off to this community that you know so much about all of these things and that I have no idea about them.
So, indulge me and answer truthfully.

Then, we can discuss the issues of Hawk one by one in a mudslinger vs tree hugger death match style.

By the way, how's your goldfish, I feel so bad.....